Loud Thoughts

The Unmarked Path

Sometimes we have to let go.

Holding on too tightly can be risky and that grip we place securely around our lives may need to be let loose.

Take a deep breath.

Saying we can move on is easy until we are the ones having to do the moving. Life isn’t a straight road. It is a trail made of hills, roots, puddles and rocks. We have to endure every hurdle and know that every uphill has its downhill. When our heart is in the right place and we are committed to the path God has planned for us, a graceful downhill is in store. But God doesn’t want a flat course, he wants hills that make us sweat.

These are the humbling moments. The moments that we can’t face alone.

And with his strength and patience we will work through it. Always looking up and always staying on the edge of our toes for what’s to come.

We are running blindly through a windy and unmarked path that can only be conquered one step at a time.


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