Food Frenzy

“Let the Paleo Diet Begin” – a younger, more optimistic self

A challenge to say the least, the Paleo Diet (aka Caveman diet) has kicked into gear and will be my focus for the next few months.

No dairy, no starches, no sweets and no processed food.

This sounds like a miserable future at first glance but after researching what to buy at Whole Foods I discovered the list goes on and on of what is given a thumbs up.

I suffer from an undeniable sweet tooth. With that being said, I can’t remember the last time I willfully passed up the haunting sugar cravings. Just like any addiction, I’m sure I will have familiar withdraws but plan to drown out the temptations by staying busy and keeping fruit by my side.

This diet emphasizes the importance of protein, which is something necessary for my active lifestyle. Vegetables are free range as long as they are prepared in their natural state. Because the diet steers clear form most carbs, fruits should be eaten in moderation. In more simple terms, it’s basically centered around the practices of cavemen. It’s the natural diet where meats, vegetables and fruits are the sole focus. To deem it as the practices of hunters and gatherers might sound scary and ridiculous but I promise the possibilities are endless.

I will keep a close record of this challenge and update the blog with all the highs and lows of being a Paleo.

(If you are reading this, I am reluctant to say that the content of this article is no longer accurate, for the diet has been broken and will no longer be considered.) Thank you for your kind support and optimism.


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