Loud Thoughts

SELF – A Personal Impression

What does it mean to understand one’s self?  I have wasted so much time during my 20 short years chasing myself while not realizing I had to find it within. It is easier (for me at least) to pretend to have it all together. Perfection-something no one should strive for because we are not. So if I’m not reaching for perfection, what are goals and how do I become the best possible me? Think about it. What is self? It’s “a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.” I have defined it by 4 simple, life-changing words.





Automatically I feel liberated from the burden I once had to be perfect. Life is not about pleasing others or always waking up on the right side of the bed, feeling rested. Because if you believe these things bring happiness, you have  probably wasted hours looking at what other people have and compared it your own. You have taken the easy way out to please those around you. You have cheated yourself to look picture perfect but pictures you see of yourself are never satisfying.  It’s exhausting. Doubting, laughing, crying, pleasing, hurting, using, abusing, smiling, hiding, faking, feeling. It’s like running in a race with blinders. Following the noise from the crowd and runners in front but never sure of the next turn or uphill.  Are we afraid to open up? Are we afraid to face challenges? It will hurt and that is guaranteed but living in the sun is always brighter that running with blinders.Strengthis willpower. It is the ability to do what is right when no one else is looking or the power to stand up for what you believe in when people are.


is responsibility. It is the role you have in changing someone’s life. You are a role model and have made footprints down a path for someone else to follow. Just make sure you are leading them the right way.


is honestly and commitment. It means valuing differences and accepting permanence or welcoming changes. It is undying and eternal. It requires truth and loyalty – something everyone should work on when looking in the mirror or at your best friend.


is knowing where you are in life and accepting it. It is the absence of pain in a loss, or the satisfaction from a win. It means understanding the outcome without letting it affect the future. It is loving your self for who you are without letting regret, hatred, guilt, or jealousy get in the way.  Life can be unsettling and unexpected but what purpose would it have if we always settled or could see into the future? Trying times are overcome by moments of joy and renewed faith.  Stay young at heart, wise, and healthy. Be you. Be your SELF.


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