Loud Thoughts

Why Leaves Fall

After a generous amount of sun, salt water and outside dining this summer you would think it would be hard to put the sandals away. But as the tan (or sunspots) fades, my senses are greeted by the familiar fuzzy feelings of fall. Colors of burnt orange meet the pure blue sky and the crisp air in the morning pairs perfectly with my steaming cup of coffee. My favorite ingredient fills the aisles of every grocery store and immediately I turn to Pinterest for recipes that call for pumpkin on pumpkin and a little dash of comport to warm the soul.

While it may all seem flawless, I have realized there is a serious reality that accompanies the sugar and spice and everything nice during the fall season.

It’s a time of transition and change. We are surrounded by subtle hints of change in the weather, the leaves, and our taste buds. The realization that close friends are now far away and I’m not getting any younger sweeps over me in waves like a dose of strong coffee.

But even during the darker days and yellow leaves of fall, I am graced with life’s wonders. It makes me realize the little things are worth holding on to and the gift of a new day is boundless in its uncertainty and possibilities. Someone recently told me we are granted 86,400 seconds in a day. The pinnacle of our success is determined when we choose to act on those seconds instead of talk about how they are passing by. As I grip time in one hand and memories in the other I realize I can’t reach for what is right in front of me. Until I accept that change is inevitable, I will never understand its true purpose and worth.

If there is anything the leaves have taught me in my life, it is that change is a beautiful cycle of abundant green leaves turning to burnt orange. But even the season when leaves have fallen and died, we still find beauty in nature.

The days when we feel insignificant and stagnant in our work, we must realize that there are still seconds to be lived. We can’t have Christmas or pumpkin spice lattes all year long. If we did, we would never know what it’s like to truly crave something. A holiday, an achievement or a cold morning with a hot cup of coffee would never be special if we were graced with them daily.

These cravings and changes should motivate us to live in the present of every second, every day and every season.


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