Loud Thoughts

The Fitting Room

“It doesn’t hurt to try it on.” Or does it?

This simple suggestion of trying something on always leads to one of the following:

  • Peace of mind that it’s not my color and I confidently leave behind what would have been a costly investment most likely worn once.

  • Persuasion into buying the dress because obviously they are style experts in the dressing room and just celebrated your beauty.

  • Guilt over the fact that everyone has “it” and if you don’t claim your place in this temporary trend, last year’s styles will haunt you as you become the outfit repeater in every picture.

Ridiculous? Yes but unfortunately these outcomes are what we sign up for when we step into a room where the mirror does all the talking. Why am I rambling about dressing rooms and shopping? Well for starters, it’s one of my dearest hobbies and in a more credible way, it is my part-time job. But beyond my sales associate duties, I have discovered the parallels between customer satisfaction and client relations.

It has taken a variety of experiences, lessons, and influencers to help me realize the common denominator in my interests in public relations, marketing and building brand awareness. Take it to the fitting room. Whether it be with clients who are trying to decipher new strategies for growth within their company or a helpless husband jean shopping for his wife (yes, a blind mission to say the least), it is important to know what they need, what they are hoping to gain, and what has worked well in the past. This endeavor starts the minute a client/customer walks in the door. What are they looking for? What sparked their attention to shop here? And what can I offer that might be beneficial to them before they even realize it? It’s a matter of paying attention to detail, listening with an open mind and offering creative insight to help them achieve their goal. I have learned that their first impression of me will blossom into trust, respect and collaboration between us, leading to the fitting room-the summit and pivotal moment to decide if your wallet, closet, and looks agree on one item.

It is when I ask,”how are you doing in there,” that I hope my undivided attention paid off and provided them with customer satisfaction.

By understanding the brand, client needs, and audience, we can pitch a more convincing and inspired idea.

So next time, if someone suggest you try “it” on, go for it because the worst thing that could happen is you buy it and who doesn’t love a shopping bag.




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