Loud Thoughts

In Training

Have you ever been outrun by time and its deceiving comfort when something seems so far off into the future? Well, right now I feel like I am neck and neck beside time to reach race day without injury, fatigue or burn out.

The day is March 20, and the place is Wilmington, NC. The Quintiles race will not only be my first half marathon but will also be one honest greeting after departing a week-long vacation in Jamaica. During the final week leading up to race day, most runners taper their runs while increasing their water intake. I on the other hand will be basking in the sun, running around a pool and introducing my skin to rays it hasn’t seen in months. Basically, I plan to be more than ready for the challenges that arise when one faces 13.1 miles and hopes that an early season tan and vacation will cary me farther than my mind.

Running is not only a measurement of physicality but a test of mental endurance. It is about setting short and long-term goals and challenging the only opponent holding you back-yourself.

I have had nothing but time on long runs to think about my personal goals and how to motivate myself to persevere over the hills and against the wind. Lately, I’ve found it hard to find distance and accelerate in a stagnant pace. I have had to dig deep to find my motivators but they are there underneath all the muscle and soles of my shoes. They are the short term goals such as seeing the leaves change in front of my favorite house on Gimghoul Road or being energized from the latest song I can’t get off repeat. My long-term goals such as the Quintiles Half Marathon,which isn’t so far off anymore, propel me to take the next step when no one is watching.

This idea of being self motivated is telling in every aspect of life. On and off the trails, we must perform for self satisfaction. Sometimes we may be our only spectator and it is our role to encourage limitless opportunities. What we do when no one is watching may be the most important thing we ever do. But if we don’t do anything at all in those moments, we might miss the opportunity to give someone something important to watch. With this in mind, I will train for the half marathon even when no one is watching but on March 20 I owe it to myself and to my motivators to run a great race.



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