Food Frenzy

Well Grounded- Freshly Brewed with a Wooded View


There is a place where coffee grounds are whirled into latte bowls and cappuccino cups sending a comforting aroma down into the patios and woods of Bowlin Creek in Chapel Hill, NC.

You can swing open the door to the isolated coffee shop and find a true hidden gym brushing the peaks of woods and a bustling town. Inside you will be greeted by the humming of conversations, churning of fresh coffee grounds and the smell of croissants and macaroons sourced daily from local bakeries.

The cafe invites those who take pride in real caffeine and locals looking for a peaceful escape to read inside the tiny hut or under the droopy patio lights.

I was introduced to this secret coffee haven a few years ago and revisit my drink of choice, a cappuccino with soy milk, almost weekly for morning reading or writing, visiting with friends, or soaking in the breathtaking panoramics of nature.

What brings me back for a $5 cup of coffee almost weekly? I can’t decide if its the barista’s attention to detail in each delicately hand-poured masterpiece, the enlightening conversations I overhear in a cozy corner, or the quiet moments punctuated with clanking glasses and roasted coffee beans.

So, if the moment presents itself when you need a gulp of fresh air and rich flavor, Caffe Driade, has crafted an enchanting experience that celebrates coffee expertise and Chapel Hill culture. It’s not only known as a great cafe to Chapelhillians but has been featured among the best in the South and among the top 100 in America.


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