Food Frenzy

A Trendy Dinner Date in Raleigh

It was Friday night and the end to a busy week of tornado warnings, exams and socializing expenses- the perfect excuses for a night out shopping and splurging in Raleigh!

Now, I don’t venture to the red side often but every once in a (Carolina) blue moon, the temptations of Cameron Village get the best of my wallet. While cute shops flood the sidewalks left and right, I am less informed of where to turn for a fun dinner outing.

Unsure of our options around Cameron Village, we asked around and came to the consensus that Tazza Kitchen was our best bet for a fun girls’ night out dinner!

As soon as we stepped in, our eyes were fixated on the modern complements of low light fixtures, sleek metal finishings and boxed cactus flower pots. It was romantic but filled with lively parties and servings of colorful and trendy foods. After putting our name down, we floated over to the bar that was surrounded by fancy garnishing and ordered the baristas’ drinks of choice-

GARNET GOOSE – grey goose vodka, lemon, cranberry, honey, bitters, expressed grapefruit

MARGARITA – el jimador tequila blanco, patron citronage, lime, agave, salt

We had to be very intentional about not gulping down our entire drinks right off the bat as they were to die for and very Pinterest worthy.

This restaurant challenged my quick decision making skills, as I sat indecisive in front of the waitress and the overwhelming menu for several minutes. I am a sucker for trendy foods and Tazza had it all from brussels sprouts to beets to spaghetti squash. We started off the evening by ordering an appetizer of guacamole and were pleased by the generous helping topped with pico de gallo and paired with large stone-ground corn tostadas. It was a festive introduction to our Baja Mexican inspired choices! As for our main entrees, we both decided on the following tacos and sides:

CHICKEN / five spice rub, smoky tomato jam, pequin slaw, pico de gallo, crema

BLACK BEANS / pico de gallo, crema

SHRIMP / house dry rub, guacamole, cured cabbage, pico de gallo, papaya hot sauce

ROASTED BEETS / spicy peanut salsa, black pepper honey, scallion

I loved the combination of smoky shrimp infused with sweet and spicy papaya and mastered the perfect rotation of taco, beets then black beans.

By the end of the night our plates were clean and our glasses were empty. It was more than  a satisfying new dinner spot. We enjoyed the casual yet bustling atmosphere for at least an hour after finishing our meals and kept revisiting the idea of ordering a dessert.

Wide eyes and full stomachs, we eventually had to part ways with our new favorite dinner find to know it will be revisited soon. Tazza caters to an audience who appreciates a true culinary experience and invites foodies of all ages to reserve a dinner worth sharing.


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