Food Frenzy

A Tall Glass of Savory

How did I spend this extra 24 hours that we are only blessed with every 4 years?

Coincidence? Probably not. My afternoon was jolted with a cup of joe from Caffe Driade and from there the celebrations and denial of basketball Senior night began.

As a senior, I have had 4 years to fine-tune an extensive list of staple restaurants for various occasions and am always delighted to stumble upon new favorites. But there are few places that serve as a great place for dinner dates, girls’ wine nights or fitting for those occasions when it’s “your parents’ treat.”

This brings me to my newest discovery and adoration for a spunky and flavorful retreat on the crest of Carrboro and Franklin Street, Glasshalfull. Because every great drink deserves a delicious pairing, the restaurant/wine bar offers trendy American and Mediterranean infused dishes for all glasses. With an abundant selection of food and drink, it is recommended for parties to share and try both small and large plates.

After all things considered, I decided this was the most appropriate place to bring my parents on a springy 65 degree February evening and yes their treat.

We chose to sit in a tranquil outdoor patio surrounded by gardens and the aesthetics of sleek yet rustic furnishings.

As if the blissful weather and low sunset wasn’t enough, we happened upon a best kept special right from the start- half off bottles of wine on Mondays! Without complaints, we ordered Chardonnay and fancied the idea that our glasses always remain “half full.”

It was the perfect setting to marinate over 4 years at UNC and beautiful servings of fresh seasonal ingredients.

As a second semester senior, I find myself celebrating quite often and feel its necessary to splurge when parents are there to raise a glass.

So our careful selections went as follows (as the menu describes):

COCA: Crisp Spanish flatbread with caramelized onions, goat cheese, preserved figs, shallot, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, and arugula  

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SALAD with local apples, farro, arugula, feta cheese, pickled red onion, and an apple cider vinaigrette  

BEET AND KALE LASAGNA: fresh beet pasta, kale, leeks, pinenuts, ricotta cheese, local goat cheese, with a yellow beet sauce  

MINI BURGERS: aged cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, truffle aioli on house-made buns   

FRIED BRUSSELS SPROUTS with a lemon-honey glaze, red pepper flakes, and toasted peanuts  

Needless to say, dinner at Glasshalfull was delectable and our spirits and tastebuds were left soaring. If my stomach allowed, I would have ordered most everything on the menu, but that’s the beauty of Chapel Hill and Carrboro dining- there is always a reason to come back!

As you can tell, I am fascinated by the power of food and its ability to cultivate experiences and human connections. I see it all around me- on campus, at our sorority house and along Franklin Street. Being open-minded to try new foods, meet new people, and venture to unknown places has motivated me to keep discovering the glass half full moments that are worth every sip.




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