Food Frenzy

Say Cheese


There is a place in Chapel Hill that makes my eyes light up and my heart feel right at home. It sits on the corner of Cameron Avenue and Pittsboro Street and welcomes visitors to enjoy exquisite southern hospitality. If I could pull an Eloise at the Plaza stunt, this special place would be my new home. The Carolina Inn encompasses southern charm, elegance, and tradition; all wrapped up inside the Carolina blue walls.

Recently, I joined my mom and her old college roommate for a reunion at Crossroads, the hotel’s award-winning restaurant. While the new renovations have taken on a more modern flare, the menu still holds on to traditions of southern comfort.

Because I am an aspiring wine connoisseur and farm-to-table enthusiast, my eyes didn’t make it past the cheese plate on the menu and the perfect pairing of Pinot Grigio.

Since that day, I have returned for dinner with the same order in mind and was guaranteed a satisfactory experience.

The southern cheese plate was served on a slate tray with a mason jar full of fresh sea salt pita crackers. Each cheese was accompanied by a personal pairing of jam and a honeycomb. Truly a culinary dream! Each small block of cheese offered a unique and rich flavor that I stretched to another serving of crackers (oops.) Brie, Gruyère, Roquefort and Gouda were perfectly balanced out with fresh fig and apricot jams and of course sweet honey.

Needless to say, I cleaned my plate and will be returning for another round of fresh cheese. The best part of all, is the surprise each time you are served a new variety.



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