Food Frenzy

Beers In a Lighthouse?

I know, what a cool concept! But its more like a quaint one stop shop for any wine or beer your heart desires. And even though it doesn’t actually exist in a lighthouse, the establishment has been a beacon for Wrightsville Beach residents since 1998. Lighthouse Beer and Wine serves over 700 beers in store and a wine for any occasion. With beers on draft or by the case, anyone and everyone is welcome to sample something new and kick back outside in the beer garden where dogs, coolers, and sunglasses are welcomed.

I couldn’t resist writing about my experience there yesterday and why I will become a regular soon.

First of all, they are right when they meant there were 700 beers to choose from. I was a little overwhelmed at the decision-making process but was assisted by an expert who recommended a raspberry ale on the house. I gladly decided to try something it and was thrilled to find my new go-to for all the summer festivities ahead.

We walked around to the side where big wooden reclining chairs circle umbrellas and took a seat under the late afternoon sun. It was a moment that I didn’t want to end and we gravatated toward the idea of another beer just to stick around.

We learned of several beer and wine events taking place around Wilmington soon and did I mention they sell the best t-shirts? Check out more here or visit their Facebook page for upcoming events!



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