Loud Thoughts

No Handlebars

You may remember the first time you rolled away on two wheels, free from the training wheels, you felt free and invincible. Gone with the wind into a world that celebrates independence, direction and stability.

I felt that today. But not in the same way as 4-year-old me on my Barbie bike with a basket, tooting my (actual) pink horn.

Today I rode a bright green cruiser that was slightly rusted over from the salty air but still had enough game for compliments and a good joy ride.

Around the loop, I set off on two wheels to feel the breeze gust past me and to plant my new stomping ground with each peddle forward.

I was finally able to grasp those feelings of independence, direction and stability that I hoped would come in the final unknown months as a senior in college. The idea of a new place, new job, new friends, new schedule, didn’t seem that foreign anymore.

On this ride, I felt connected.

Was it the water rushing underneath the bridge, the wind whistling through my wheels as I traced the edge of the waterway, or the sensation of hot sun beating down on my back? Maybe it was the freedom and comfort I felt in that moment, knowing that Wilmington is the one place in the world I was and am supposed to be. To know that I am peddling in the right direction, unattached from any training wheels in life, is truly satisfying.

I feel stable and completely independent in moments such as this. To ride the unbeaten path, knowing you can jump off your bike at any point to just be present, brings me much-needed liberty. This world could use a few less training wheels and I know we could all benefit from a bike ride or two every now and then. There is something monumental about a bike and the milestones its represents. I once reached the point of no training wheels and I am now ready for no handlebars (figuratively speaking of course).


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