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Hands Down

To kick off senior week and the start of my last full week of class ever, I wanted to share a glimpse inside my final project for photography and the tangible evidence of what it means to be a student at UNC. I have taken my fair share of pictures in the quad during a season change or in front of the old well with roommates and formal dates. They are all memorable and fixate me on a moment or a cherished day in college.

But for my photography final, I want to capture something less photographed yet very prominent in our expressions and motions through the day-to-day.


I want to focus on hands. Hands holding a blue cup at He’s Not Here. Hands cheering on a sporting event. Hands preparing meals at our sorority house. Hands writing or holding a cup of coffee. Each moment captured may seem small, but our hands tell a story that is woven into the fibers of that perfect shade of Carolina Blue. Our hands, no matter how unnoticed they may appear in pictures, have a purpose and a language that tells a story in itself. My goal is to capture the simplicity of hands in moments that represent Carolina culture, tradition and student life.

Body language often speaks louder than words and it is my hope to create a dialogue among each image in a series of motions and acts that describe our daily lives.



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