Loud Thoughts

Rise and Shine

IMG_1977It’s a shame that the most beautiful part of the day comes before most eyes open. Only early risers understand the wonders of the world and the transformation of the sky from dawn to daylight.

On the rare occasion (and I mean rare) when I jump up after a 5:45 am alarm, I am headed to the beach to get a front row view of the sunrise and the Earth’s waking moments. Coffee from Cafe Del Mar and a blanket or beach towel are the only two props I need for this quiet meditation between sand and water.

I stretch my towel out over the sand and plop down on the cold ground with my steaming medium roast coffee at hand. The sound of rushing waves, as they curl into low white peaks, punctuate the still silence of the world. I am staring at the ocean and its strange resemblance to a large infinity pool of water. Nothing is more humbling and relaxing than facing something so vast. The ocean flows in a rhythm as if to tell me, everything in the world is good. Life is a cycle, and I am only a small human in this enormous world where time and social pressures rob our minds of being present.

I sit waiting.

Waiting for reassurance that the day will begin again and the sun will make way over the still horizon.

All of a sudden a beaming light of gold and yellow peers over the sea and the sun drifts into the sky once again.

Its majestic and unstoppable.

Warmth beats down on my cheeks and light illuminates in the reflection of shallow waves.

It’s like a giant firefly unafraid of mason jars and loyal to children on a warm summer night.

It accelerates into the sky and fearlessly infiltrates though the world, casting shadows on yesterday’s past and lighting the way for the present.

I am reminded once again, why I wake up this early. It’s the best seat in the house and it rejuvenates my soul to be mindful of the simple joys that life brings from sunrise to sunset.

~Happy Earth Day~


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