Food Frenzy

Dinner for Two


It is a huge milestone in your life to transition from the teenager you once were, who was too cool for parental guidance. You have reached a new level of maturity when dinner with parents isn’t just another civil family outing. It is now a dinner date where ideas, opinions and advice are thoughtfully considered during long dialogues with wine and fancy cheese plates.

Things you once were embarrassed to discuss, are now topics of conversation and humorous realizations. I think I have invested enough ignorance and defiance against my parents to proudly move on to the chapter of adulthood.

It’s a new concept I’ve been reluctant to consider until the tail end of college. With change and responsibility comes a great deal of self-evaluation and a whole lot of individuality.

Over the course of several months, my relationship with adults and parents in particular has become honest and unfiltered. It is a newfound friendship and one that I think I’m guaranteed for life.

Last night, in an effort to hold on to a few more nights with a senior undergrad, mom came to visit for a lovely dinner at Weathervane.

It was spontaneous and worth an hour and a half drive. We shared wine, a gourmet cheese board, the blueberry goat cheese spinach salad and pork belly chops over thinly sliced pumpkin and brussels sprouts.

The patio was dimly lit by candles and loosely strung lights. Roses wrapped around the awning overhead, and mom and I sat around a stone table underneath an umbrella.

Nights like this are subtle rewards for growing up. Sacrifices are now fully appreciated and the extreme measures our parents go through to raise us manifest in delightful Saturday night dinner dates.


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