Food Frenzy

Honeysuckle Tea House


Deep into the winding roads of Carrboro, you will find a destination where land is vast and green as the Earth holds out its hand to greet you.

Once you have driven under the wooden arch saying Honeysuckle Tea House, you have arrived. It is like a camper’s paradise. A large cabin-like structure stands proudly in the middle of farmland with a playground, lake, and outdoor stage surrouding it. We walked along the bridge as if we were crossing a moat to enter into a castle. But this was the castle of Carrboro- an open air building with high top wooden tables and a few couches for afternoon sips of tea or wine.

Smoothies, cheese plates and gluten-free baked goods jumped out on the menu but that didn’t begin to cover the selection of teas.

Overwhelmed to say the least, we asked for a recommendation and were pleasantly surprised by our selections.

Coco Love Boat (pictured): banana, strawberry, cacao powder, coconut milk | Toppings: Granola, cacao nibs, strawberries, and rose petals


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