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Lunchbox Days- Sorority Buffets

I have made it full circle from lunchbox days to sorority buffets and back. I am about to embark on the struggles of adulthood and the responsibilities of packing a lunch once again.

Because someone was behind serving me over 3,000 meals from the time I was in kindergarten to my last semester of college, I would like to recap on how appreciative I truly am.

The evolution of lunches is quite humorous as I date back to the importance of a tin Barbie lunch box. Inside was probably a pp&j, grapes, fruit rollups (sometimes), string cheese, applesauce or goldfish. When I preferred a school lunch it was never complete without a bagged chocolate milk. Now that I think of that concept, I wonder how we never splattered milk all over our close after stabbing the bag with a mini straw.

Then fast forward to days of insecurities, we would never be caught dead with a lunchbox, only brown paper bags. Mom never failed to pack a lunch and we never thought twice about the tedious effort she went through to individually wrap each component of our wholesome lunches.

It was only when I came to college that I was awakened by the choices of the Agora, God’s gift to hungry freshmen and my frozen yogurt addiction.

I soon joined a sorority and was spoiled by more options than I could ever imagine including, BYOP day (build your own pizza), extensive salad bars at lunch and a chef who cared about the quality of each meal.

It’s like we live in a permanent camp. Walking to the house for lunch and dinner to meet friends has been so effortless and something I know I have taken for granted. It is such a privilege and sadly as time goes on we lose interest in sitting around and congregating in the dining room. Late plates come and go and I am realizing the days where I am accompanied by handfuls of friends are numbered. (Actually 8 days and counting.)

It is almost time to begin the cycle back where I started, the lunchbox way. A new job, a new schedule and a new budget will all hit me fast. But this brings me to a new endeavor I am excited to create. The masterful work of food blogging. Something, I have dabbled with here and there but never really got my hands dirty. I can’t wait to share my own experiences as I learn to cook for myself and prepare those wholesome lunches my mom perfected.

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, check out some of my past mouth-watering adventures and food frenzies.